Good Communication for Business

It has to be said that GOOD COMMUNICATION means GOOD BUSINESS and even more GOOD RELATIONSHIPS.  It is an extremely easy concept, yet one that people seem to lack in ability often.  I don’t know about you, but this is one of my personal gripes with people who are in business and fail to understand how to effectively communicate with clients, employees, employers, contractors etc.

There are a few simple lessons to communication –

 1. Contact the client straight away with changes, updates or problems.

 If you have a problem and are fearing what the client’s reaction is going to be when told something is wrong, DO NOT avoid the conversation for too long.  The client even though they may be annoyed and possibly rant at you, doesn’t care what the problem is and will probably be relieved and much happier that you communicated it with them straight away rather than leaving it.

 2. Running late or behind schedule

 Contact the person involved to let them know…they may be able to do something else or they may need to communicate the situation to someone else.  Either way, you are building a good relationship and keeping your business integrity.

3. Respond to a query

If a person has asked you a question either by phone or email, don’t delay or delete.  You may feel it’s irrelevant, unimportant, not your responsibility or not know the answer.  But the person who sent it has deemed YOU to be the EXPERT and waiting to hear from you.   Whatever the response, ensure you answer with new eyes as YOU have an important job and this person needs you.

4. People Understand

People are generally pretty understanding of any situation given the chance

5. Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for whatever happens in your life/business.  Always tell the truth, white lies or lies themselves have a way of catching up and you will be caught out.  Word of Mouth has a massive influence on how well your business will thrive.  Decide your business values and live with integrity and I promise you that your business success will reflect upon your business attitude.

6.  BE the Business or Person you want to work with

Think about the type of person or business you would like to be. 

What do you like about other people/businesses?

What do you not like about other people/businesses?

What experience do you want people to have with you or your business?

What values do you want to have?

How would you like people to perceive you or your business?

Imagine how you will feel when your business starts receiving fantastic feedback and referral allowing you more time to grow your business?

Answer these questions and you can designer how you want to BE and allow people to enjoy every experience with you or your business.

Communication is a 2 way street and it is just like a computer…only as good as the information you put in.  If you put the wrong information in and expect a different answer you need to look at yourself and how you put the information in!!


Written by Kylie Ellwood