The Collective

We provide consulting, coaching, training and professional development solutions.  

Our facilitators are qualified, experienced consultants that work with you to understand your organisational needs.   

We bring together evidenced based research and business professionalism in start-ups and corporate environments to provide you with years of learning, growth, business acumen and experience. 

Our process is to bring together leaders in various models of learning to deliver and empower individuals and organisations through training, coaching and mentoring whilst maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle balance for our clients. 


 Let us create an environment where people identify opportunities and take ownership of problems to then commit to the change process. 


We can provide training and skill development for competencies required to change and produce the behaviour that brings the results you need. 


We provide coaching to produce long term change by providing support and helping to embed a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.


What We Do Best

professional development

team building


human behaviour

mindfulness & wellbeing


grant writing