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Our experienced staff can discuss your training objectives to design training for your team, aligned to your outcomes.

What We Do



Let us create an environment where people identify opportunities and take ownership of problems to commit to the change process.


We can provide training and skill development for competencies required to change and produce the behaviour that brings the results you need.


We provide coaching to produce long term change by providing support and helping to embed a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.

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Professional Development

Professional development is important for everyone, whether you are an employee or a business owner. Providing professional development opportunities for your staff increases their capabilities, allowing them to excel in all aspects of work life, which, of course, helps the company to thrive. Access to education and training opportunities in the workplace help build and maintain the morale of staff members and can even help you attract higher quality staff to your organisation. There are several types of professional development opportunities available, at Insight Collective Group we pride ourselves on being able to tailor each course to your needs.

Team Building

Insight Collective Group works with your teams to enhance their effectiveness by facilitating honest conversations, identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement and providing tools that support team development.

Team Building is forming cohesiveness, connection and understanding.  We can facilitat in-house or outdoor activities aligned with learning outcomes to engage, excite and empower your team.  


In order to work in today’s ever changing work environment you need to expand your leadership skills, develop your networks and mindset.  At Insight Collective Group we can help you develop your capacity to positively influence teams and individuals to produce greater results.  We provide the necessary tools and skill sets to motivate enhanced employee performance. We can help you to better manage and develop a productive and positive workplace culture within your organisation.   

We are here to support leaders to:

  • Acknowledge the strengths within their teams 
  • Define the needs of each team and how to meet those needs
  • Engage with team members for individual professional growth, providing benefits to the organisation and stakeholders 
  • Build capacity amongst individuals to embrace the challenges and learning opportunities open to them
  • Set goals that are clearly defined and will be successful
  • Allow teams to be empowered to achieve goals set

Human Behaviour

Human behavior is an important element within an organisation as it determines how people work and interact with each other. In order to create change within your organisation it is critical to understand why people think and act the way they do. At Insight Collective Group we help you to build a supportive, collaborative and conflict free workplace culture by changing employee behaviours. Understanding the way in which people interact with one another and how they communicate helps employees develop good working relationships and work more effectively towards achieving the organisation’s objectives with greater impact.

  • Extended DISC
  • S+EI Individual Reports
  • 360 Feedback
  • Surveys

Emotional Intelligence

The workplace can be a stressful place. Self awareness, understanding your emotions and the emotions of others can help to reduce stress levels, help you to build better relationships with colleagues and increase staff engagement at work. Our courses and workshops help improve your ability to handle stress, manage people, communicate clearly, raise productivity levels and develop your creativity.

Human Resources

Our courses and coaching prepare you for your roles of finding and retaining talent, building leadership capabilities, managing conflict and change, executing strategy, encouraging innovation and creativity all while driving corporate culture and preparing for succession.

We work with you to ensure your Human Resource team is supported and aligned to corporate vision.  Out team can discuss a variety of tools and resources that can be utilised within your business.



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