Utilising DISC Reports for Post-hire Assessment

DISC assessment is often used as an evaluation tool when selecting potential employees through the recruitment and hiring processes. However, its value and contribution to improving efficiency within the workplace need not stop here. Utilizing DISC assessment as a prompt for encouraging all employees to proactively participate in how to ameliorate performance within a team is one of its essential benefits.

 As a tool in post-hire solutions, DISC assessment can provide guidance for both an employer and an employee in terms of how to more effectively capitalize on the employee’s strengths. Employers need to sustain and nurture the capabilities of their employees so that crucial challenges and time-sensitive tasks can be successfully accomplished with minimal guidance from upper management. When trust has been established between an employer and an employee, then both parties can be more resourceful with how they use their time.

Conversely, DISC assessment can also be used to analyze the employee’s weaknesses. It can be a helpful tool in regard to identifying traits such as procrastination and complaining. Once said weaknesses have been identified, the two individuals can work together on creating a plan for improvement and then detail the steps necessary to achieving desired results. When employees and employers are on the same page, then productivity is accomplished and goals are achieved.

In addition to personal qualities, DISC assessment can also assist in displaying ways for an individual to increase daily productivity. Creating realistic targets and timeframes for specific tasks will ultimately help to boost an individual’s efficiency levels, and in turn, overall team performance. DISC assessment may also be an instrumental factor in measuring how particular individuals will interact with one another, and how to ensure that these interactions will translate into productive meetings.

 Aside from personal achievement levels, DISC assessment can help managers monitor and fuel team progress. By remaining aware of how particular individuals handle certain scenarios, a manager can utilize and shift employees within a given dynamic as is necessary. Through the repositioning of employees, motivation and accountability can be more effectively improved upon on both an individual and team level. By giving team members a working knowledge of where they stand within a group and by providing them with relevant performance indicators, individuals are more likely to be proactive in seeking assistance or direction in regard to how they can identify, approach, and overcome future obstacles.

In the corporate world, none of us is ever done learning. New situations and people enter our lives on an ongoing basis. DISC assessment can help us to recognize scenarios and react in a prolific manner. Ultimately, DISC assessment in relation to post-hire solutions can lead to the achievement of excellence in performance as well as an improvement in organizational effectiveness. By providing employees with a solid foundation in preparation and accountability, DISC assessment can teach all employees to take ownership of their interactions, their decisions, and their results.


Article Source: Your Ultimate Success